Irrational Masters prepare for ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’


Patrick Murphy

Irrational Masters Rehearse for ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

Colton Loeb

DeKALB—Irrational Masters, a DeKalb production company, will be putting on a socially distanced performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” 7 p.m. and 11:59 p.m.  Oct. 30, according to the Irrational Masters Facebook page. Tickets are available on The Egyptian Theatres website

The show will feature the same Rocky Horror Picture Show, but with some minor changes to the shadow performance due to COIVID-19. 

“We are modifying and tweaking the script a bit during parts of the show where people would be on top of each other,” Rayann Gilchrist, a member of the cast, said.  

All rehearsals for the show have been conducted outside at Hopkins Park, 1403 Sycamore Road, Gilchrist said. 

Attendees must wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times while inside the building. However, they can be removed while seated, according to the Egyptian Theatre’s website. Tickets will be reserved to allow for social distancing. Attendees will be admitted at staggered times to avoid overcrowding.

“For the song ‘Touch-A’ two people are supposed to be very close together but they are separated on opposite sides of the stage, like a telephone sex sort of thing,” Joshua Chesser, director of the show said. 

The occupancy will be limited to 100 people, 50 on the top floor and 50 on the bottom floor,  Chesser said. 

The cast will not be entering the audience during the show or pulling audience members on stage like in previous years. This is, of course, to avoid close contact with audience members, Gilchrist said. 

“Unfortunately we aren’t allowed to mark the virgins,” Gilchrist said. “We will just have to go on them being honest when we ask them to announce themselves.”

There will be no dance at the beginning of the movie and the first three or four rows of seats will be blocked off, Chesser said.

“The big difference [between this year and last] is that there is a theatre event that people can go to at all,” Chesser said. 

Because of COVID-19 most in person performances have been canceled. Chesser is excited the Egyptian is allowing their performance to proceed. 

The normal prop kits available will be filled with some different items this year. Due to COVID-19 props that could spread the virus have been removed. 

“We are taking out things like the bubble container, noise makers that are woodwind,” Chesser said. “We are adding other things, some things that are COVID-19 related.” 

The Egyptian will be offering concessions. Audience members will be required to wear masks while in ticket lines, waiting for concessions and while going to the bathroom. Once seated patrons may remove their masks, Chesser said.