Alums no match for younger Huskies

By Mark D. Morrey

On Saturday while the Huskie football team was battling the Fighting Illini in Champaign, the soccer team finished the pre-season at 3-0.

After a 6-1 thrashing of former Chicago Sting and alumni, the Huskies defeated the most recent NIU alums 3-1.

After easily defeating the Sting/Alumni team in the first game, the Huskies had their work cut out for them in the nightcap.

The game started out extremely physical with a great deal of pushing and tripping going on. The referee was letting them play, calling minimal penalties.

Sophomore Joe Novy opened the scoring early in the first followed by a Tim Prerost goal set up by Ian Osharow and a steal by Prerost, himself. The Alumni had a chance to bring themselves within one when goalkeeper Danny Green made a diving save on a Frank Sparacino penalty shot.

After several unsuccessful cannon shots, sophomore Derek Niepomnik finally got a goal when he walked in around Alumni goalkeeper Steve Brody.

The half ended with the Huskies ahead 3-1 after an outstanding charge up the field by the Alumni, which led to a John Lechner goal.

The second half opened up with the Alumni showing that they had something to prove. The ball was in the hands of the Alumni squad for the better part of the half. Their offensive onslaught was stopped only by outstanding goalkeeping by junior Jeff McCall.

At the end of the period, the once-hungry Alums were a little sluggish as they realized the varsity squad was not going to budge. John Kelly had one last chance to score but shot just wide.

Returning for the game were Huskie favorites Sparacino, Karsten and Markus Roy, Mark Siegwald and Lechner—all from last year’s team—along with Helge Abrahmsen, Brody, Preben Halle, Dave Pacwa, Willy Roy Jr., Atle Sundland and many more.

Among the Chicago Sting playing were Derek Spaulding, Captain Davey Husan, Gene Andrews and current NIU coach Willy Roy.