NIU after first win of year

By Brian Wiencek

Take Two! After coming close to earning their first victory of the year last week, the NIU Huskies will try again to break into the “W” column tomorrow night against the Illinois State Redbirds at 6:35 in their 1992 debut performance at Huskie Stadium.

In a series that dates all the way back to 1906, NIU head coach Charlie Sadler intends to keep the balanced offense that took the field last Saturday against Illinois. However, he just hopes that his defense can get the ball into the offensive hands of the Huskies.

“Defensively, we just let Illinois control the ball and the clock too long,” said Sadler. “That’s just not enough. We’ve got to get the ball into our own hands.”

Illinois State head coach Jim Heacock admitted to not using the tapes from last year’s contest in which the Huskies won 27-24. Sadler agrees that both teams have changed, but not completely.

“I think it could be (different) in regards to their defense versus our offense because seven or eight starters left because of graduation,” said Sadler. “From a defensive standpoint, they (ISU offense) have got all the players back that they had great success with against us last year.”

Not only is this the 55th meeting between the two state schools, it is also the first of five home games for NIU. Sadler feels that it could be a boost for a winning Huskie season.

“It’s our home opener,” said Sadler. “Let’s face it, this team is 0-1 right now. I’d be very shocked at this team if they’re not very excited to go play hard and play to win and try to put on a good show in front of the home crowd.”


‘Brian Wiencek—”No, I won’t pick the underdog this week. Division I-AA teams shouldn’t even be on the schedule. But since my brother is an ISU graduate, we’ll let it slide. NIU 40, ISU 14.”

‘Rob Bolton—”ISU’s aerial attack will be grounded. NIU’s ground game will attack. Easy pickin’ … NIU 44, ISU 9.”

‘Todd McMahon—”Could be mismatch of the week. The birds will be flying south after the Huskies’ 34-12 triumph.”