Ideas for date night


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Silhouetted view of a young couple, embracing, spending time together and sitting in the car while watching a movie at a drive-in cinema.

Madelaine Vikse , Lifestyle Editor

Date nights can be the perfect opportunity to get to know someone better and have a fun, relaxing and enjoyable night together. Here are some date night ideas that are sure to entertain.

Cook or bake together

Whether it is cooking a meal or baking something sweet, this is a perfect date night activity. You may not even need to spend any money to get the ingredients for the chosen recipe, but if you do, chances are it will be cheaper than eating out, and you and your significant other can have that time together having fun and getting creative.

Arts and crafts

There are places you can go to pay to paint on canvas or paint pottery, which are fun, but can be a little pricey. You also do not have to be exceptionally artistic in order to create something. Cup painting is where one fills up a cup with paint, pours it on a canvas and moves the canvas around until it is covered by the paint. With cup painting, it is more about the colors that you pick. The necessary supplies include a pouring medium, liquid acrylic paint, canvases, gloves, a plastic tarp, wooden sticks and plastic cups, according to this Pour Painting Guide

Escape rooms

Escape rooms are perfect for a date night. Escape rooms require you to trust your partner and include many team building activities that can help to generate that trust, said Josh Brown, manager of the South Elgin Panic Escape Room

An escape room is where you and other individuals get locked in a room and have one hour to escape by using clues and riddles before the time is up. Many escape rooms have a scary theme, which is fun all year round, but perfect for the fall and around Halloween. 

“My favorite part of escape rooms is the designing of them, getting to see people go through them and have a lot of fun,” Brown said. “It’s a very unique form of entertainment that’s perfect for either a date or family outing.”

South Elgin Panic Escape Room is located 1000 W. Spring St.

Dinner and a movie

Dinner and a movie is a classic date night activity. This can be done in many ways. Since streaming movies has become incredibly popular, you don’t even have to leave the house. If you’d rather go out, there’s always the option of going to a restaurant and then to the movie theater, but now there are some theaters where you can order and eat dinner while watching a movie, which is a unique twist on the concept.