Frozen coil sends water into New Hall residences

Second time water has entered New Hall living spaces this school year


Courtesy of Zayna Nasser

Water leaks from the ceiling in New Hall East.

By Brionna Belcher, Managing Editor

DeKALB – Water leaked onto the floor of one cluster in each New Hall Residence Hall buildings Wednesday morning, possibly due to extreme temperatures. 

Tom Viel, physical plant director, was first made aware of a water intrusion issue in New Hall East but was later called to a similar water intrusion issue at New Hall West. 

“There is water on the floor, in the carpet, because the coil froze in one of the units, that’s up in the ceiling,” said Viel.

Zayna Nasser, a freshman majoring in communicative disorders, said this is not her first time dealing with water intrusion in her New Hall East cluster. 

The first issue happened in Fall 2021 when residents of New Hall East were evacuated during the night due to water intrusion in the building. 

Nasser, who is completely Deaf and wears cochlear implants, said that she didn’t wake up to the alarm so she was evacuated 15 minutes after everyone else when she was woken up by police officers. 

Despite asking for accommodations, Nasser said that she received none. 

Describing Wednesday morning’s water intrusion as “pouring rain” above the kitchen area of her cluster, Nasser called for help immediately after seeing the water.  

“It just kept like going and the entire floor out in the cluster area was completely flooded,” Nasser said. “It’s just a worry of mine that this is going to keep happening and I still wasn’t able to get accommodations and I have to take care of it myself.”

Viel said the coils in the New Hall buildings may have frozen because of the severe cold and power bumps but is not yet sure what caused the issue. 

“We’re working to determine, to make sure I understand how that’s happening,” Viel said. 

This is a developing story and the Northern Star will update as more information becomes available.