Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #37


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Weekly Spotify playlist: 

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Swimming Tapes – “Tides”
  2. The Black Keys – “Fever”
  3. alt-J – “Breezeblocks”

Pop band Swimming Tapes has around 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify but deserves more. “Tides” is the third track from the band’s 2017 EP “Souvenirs EP.” The sound of this song reminds listeners of summer and is one of those feel-good songs that can instantly boost one’s mood. “Tides” features a surf pop inspired guitar melody throughout, which is the main highlight of this song.

The Black Keys are a rock band that garnered a large amount of attention in the early 2010s with their songs “Lonely Boy” and “Gold on the Ceiling.” “Fever” comes off of the band’s 2014 album “Turn Blue.” The song features synth, groovy bass and lead singer Dan Aeurbach’s ability to be able to sing lightly before turning it up a notch throughout the song.

“Breezeblocks” is one of the most well-known songs from indie rock band alt-J. The song comes off of the band’s 2012 album “An Awesome Wave” and currently has over 5.5 million plays on Spotify. Lead singer Joe Newman’s voice has a very unique sound that can be instantly recognized by those familiar with the band’s music. The band’s name, as well as many of their song’s lyrics, include mathematical references.

Bailey’s picks

  1. Shinedown – “Planet Zero”
  2. Imagine Dragons – “Enemy”
  3. Jelani Aryeh – “Marigold”

Shinedown goes back to the time of the birth of their band in 2001 in their newly released song. Bringing heavy vocals, hard-hitting drums and shredding guitars, “Planet Zero” is an iconic Shinedown song to any who know the band. The remainder of the album is set to be released April 22, with an additional 19 songs to add to this heavy hitter.

This pop rock band continues to make songs light enough for radio, yet heavy enough for rock lovers to enjoy as well. The song was created for “Arcane League of Legends,” yet quickly found popularity on TikTok. I personally find it to be a great song to work out to as well.

This alternative single released in 2021 is titled “Marigold,” which refers to the artist himself and his story. It is extremely upbeat and is a great way to boost your mood when you’re feeling down. Aryeh’s lyrics bring you to a warm sunny day, detailing the sounds and feelings of freedom and overall contentment with life.

Daija’s picks 

  1. Lord Huron – “Fool for Love”
  2. Hozier – “Almost (Sweet Music)”
  3. Luke Hemmings – “Starting Line”

“Fool for Love” is performed by indie rock band Lord Huron. The upbeat instrumental can draw you away from the story, but if you listen closely you can hear the story of a foolish man trying to steal a woman away from another man, even willing to fight him for her.

“Almost (Sweet Music)” isn’t as slow and dark as Hozier’s other songs such as “Like Real People Do,” but has a more jazzy sound with his same deep vocals. Hozier pays homage to some of the greatest jazz musicians that you can tell influence him as a musician. This is a song you’ll find yourself swaying to all alone in your bedroom.

Luke Hemmings is a member of the band “5 Seconds of Summer,” but “Starting Line” is his first solo release. Hemmings keeps the usual pop punk sound, but stays more mellow as the lyrics delve into the struggles he faced starting out in the music industry. 

Quade’s picks

  1. Ed Sheeran – “Shape of You”
  2. Doja Cat, The Weeknd – “You Right”
  3. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande – “Rain On Me”

A throwback to the late 2010s, “Shape of You” was the hit song that everyone was listening to. No matter where you were, you probably heard this song in some form. This song is catchy to say the least and it definitely stayed popular for a long time.

Doja Cat and The Weeknd need to collaborate more because of the pure heat they create in this track together. Doja Cat’s signature vocals help accentuate an already goated performance by The Weeknd. 

“Rain On Me” made last year feel pretty good. While Ariana Grande has not been slept on for the past year, the release of her album and the catchy chorus in “Rain On Me” is proof of why this is.

Kyron’s picks

  1. Céline Dion – “Ashes”
  2. Remy Zero – “Save Me”
  3. Benny The Butcher and J. Cole – “Johnny P’s Caddy”

“Ashes” is a beautiful song that was created for the “Deadpool 2” soundtrack. The song supports the emotional themes shown in the film. “Ashes” is played in the opening credits of the film, and similar to a James Bond opening, it utilizes the original song and soundtrack in ways in which it coincides with the action of the film perfectly. 

Fans of the television series “Smallville” are all too familiar with the song “Save Me.” It is in the opening credits of every episode and is so memorable. It accomplishes the goal of getting fans excited to watch the show and also exemplifies the heroic nature of the character Superman.

This latest single by Benny The Butcher, featuring J. Cole, explores the self reflection of his rise to fame with the various hardships in life. It has a nostalgic beat that poses as the theme and is also supported by the cover art of the song.