College students don’t need an allowance


Brionna Belcher

A piggy bank is filled with coins. College students should support themselves without an allowance.

By Angelina Padilla-Tompkins, Editor-in-Chief

Growing up, some of us had an allowance while others did not, or maybe we had one for a short period of time.  Whether you had one growing up or not, you shouldn’t be receiving one as a college student. 

As a student, of course, you need help paying for tuition, dorm items,  your meal plan, etc. However, it is your responsibility to be able to provide for yourself with the day-to-day needs, such as gas, going out to eat, snacks for your dorm, makeup, and the bare minimum you need to function. 

If you claim to be independent but cannot provide for yourself, then how independent are you?   

Students have a long history of trying to juggle classwork and a part-time job; it is how they learn time management. They learn to set routines, form good habits and ensure a good work ethic. 

Junior political science major, Alannis Muñoz, believes that while going to school and keeping a part-time job has many undeniable benefits, you need to know yourself and what you are realistically able to accomplish. 

“Know your limits between studying and working, because an extra $10 is not going to go further than your B or A cusp, just don’t go to Starbucks like you usually do,” Muñoz said. 

A student who works for their income can have a greater sense of pride and accomplishment in their earnings. Those who purchase their own luxury items and basic necessities tend to respect what is theirs a bit more. 

“One thing I’ve noticed is that people that have allowances tend to not be as disciplined, rather than people that don’t,” Muñoz said. “People that don’t have an allowance are very grateful to be able to buy their coffee or to go out whereas others who don’t always see the hard work, unfortunately.” 

Additionally, college is the time students are expected to learn to handle finances, like how to create a budget and stick to it. If you have a part-time job while in school you are forced to learn how money works in the real world while you still have the safety net of your parents or guardian.