Unpopular Opinion: Money can buy happiness 


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Some believe that money can’t buy happiness, but others argue that it can solve a lot of problems that cause stress.

By Angelina Padilla-Tompkins, Columnist

Money is very important to happiness, especially in today’s society. 

It is no secret that money causes stress for families and individuals. As a student we constantly have to think about finances whether it be saving to move out, a credit card, taking on student loans and paying them off, or your car. 

The more money you have the less you have you worry about such things, and that stress acne just might go away. 

Money also allows you to purchase items that bring people closer together like food, drinks, gifts, etc. 

A higher income can even bring you a higher quality of life, safer neighborhoods, better health care and nutrition. 

When you look at the life of a rich individual like Taylor Swift, Elon Musk or the Kardashians, it seems to be perfect. They have the perfect kids, clothes, vehicles, beautiful homes, and seem to have very little if any problems, but it’s not that they don’t have issues, it is simply the fact that they are able to quickly resolve them with money. 

Additionally, we’ve all heard of retail therapy. You have a terrible day and you run to Target or the mall and spend money you probably shouldn’t, but it doesn’t matter because getting the Starbucks drink and new items completely makes up for the day you had. 

Money can buy happiness.