Huskie Hub to replace ‘slow, poorly received’ Huskie Link


Abbi Sweeney | Northern Star

A screengrab of the new website. Huskie Hub will have more features and be more user friendly than Huskie Link.

By Nyah Nowakowski, News Reporter

DeKALB — A web-based tool called Huskie Hub can assist students in keeping track and registering for student organizations. The goal of Huskie Hub is to provide students the ability to learn about activities happening throughout campus, join new organizations, and get active all in one place. 

Huskie Link, the predecessor to Huskie Hub, had many complications and has been giving students problems since last spring into this fall. 

“From talking to student leaders on campus, students did not like Huskie Link for several reasons,” said Cole Hensley, senator for the Student Government Association. “One of which was the amount of time it took for the website to load.” 

Huskie Hub is simpler to use and appears to load more quickly than Huskie Link, Hensley said.

“Huskie Hub is very similar to Huskie Link as far as features go, and Huskie Hub advertises student activities on campus better than Huskie Link did,” Hensley said. 

Huskie Hub includes features that allow students to see the events happening on campus each day, what time they are happening, and where the events are located on a map. Students can also register for the events and be notified through email. 

Students can also join groups and chat with anyone on Huskie Hub and see any events that a student group will be having.

“Since Huskie Hub launched, students have loved how smoothly it runs now,” said Alex Pitner, associate director for Student Organizations and Leadership. 

Not only does the platform run faster, it also has so many new features added to make students’ time at NIU more memorable. 

“One of the new features we are excited for is there will be an app for Huskie Hub to make it easier for students to utilize the platform through their cell phone,” Pitner said. “We are still waiting for the Apple Store and Google Play to finish getting the app set up.” 

Students should expect the app version of Huskie Hub within the start of the school year.