New student code of conduct discussed at Faculty Senate Meeting


Northern Star File Photo

The newest update to the student code of conduct was discussed on Wednesday by the faculty senate.

The new NIU student code of conduct was discussed during the Faculty Senate meeting on Wednesday. 

The new student code of conduct, which has been worked on and refined since last year, has been adopted by the Office of Student Conduct as of Aug. 2. This updated version aims to be more comprehensive and easier to read for faculty and students.

Some areas, such as academic misconduct, have remained similar to previous iterations of the code of conduct, whereas areas such as reconciliation and conflict management have been expanded upon.

“Student conduct is an educational process designed to promote responsible behavior, but in that we want to make sure it’s educational and we’re intentional and also restorative in this process,” said Joy Mitchell, the director of student conduct.

Restorative conferencing, which seeks to rectify conflicts through acknowledgement of wrongdoings and mutual desires to end active and future conflicts between individuals, is one new addition to the code of conduct that aims to embrace these goals.

Additionally, the meeting addressed the concerns of growing rates of gun violence in DeKalb. DeKalb Chief of Police David Byrd addressed the issue, assuring that the police are working to make the city and campus safer. The department plans to increase staffing in order to increase visibility of the police within DeKalb. They are also expanding their k-9 program, and have purchased a gun dog for use in detecting firearms.

The police department and the university intend to cooperate to ensure that safety for the students and faculty are prioritized. 

The department also encourages people to download the NIU Safe app, which gives safety warnings and allows users to quickly contact the police when needed.

To read the new code of student conduct, click here.