That Time I… went hiking with loved ones


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Poddar describes his time hiking with friends and family during lockdown.

By Abhishek Poddar, Opinion Columnist

There’s a mixed school of thought about working from home. Recent happenings around the world did lock us all in for a while, but one thing was certain: there was a lot of time at hand. I have always thought of myself as a tinkerer when it comes to nature. Hybrid working brought me closer to nature, I can say for sure. 

I have grown up watching Michael Palin’s documentaries and travelogues. It is quite fascinating to think of traveling somewhere and being lost. Lost only to adapt to the new. I have tried to avoid simulated dangers in the past, but I forced myself to enjoy trekking amidst the serene clouds and dwindling with the breeze.

I convinced my siblings, cousins, friends, family and office mates to accompany me on these adventures. 

The fun brought us closer. The journey brought us closer. Pushing, hauling, mocking, remembering, and just simply walking ahead, climbing in anticipation of reaching the top, soon started to get blurry as we realized the trek was just an excuse to bond. Also worth  mentioning are the breaks we took. These halts to catch breaths were as memorable as the views. 

The ascent to the top with changing views at every turn was like a brief novel that has its readers gripped until the very end. Watching every step and feeling a sudden brushing of twigs can surely send shivers down the spine. But there’s comfort at this moment. Watching friends giggle with each other could be from a movie. 

The day came to an end, and we descended. New plans definitely churned up on our way back home.

The aftermath of the journey is that memories are still fresh, and I still keep thinking about them.