Explore outdoors with Adventure Trips

By Erin Kolb

Students can explore their outdoors-y side with Adventure Trips.

Adventure Trips is a program that tries to give a variety of experiences, like lengthy expeditions, to participants, according to the Adventure Trips website. The trips are made to be fun, educational and allow people to learn skills needed to enjoy the outdoors.

The trips are popular at the end of the semesters because students find them a good way to lower stress through hiking and yoga, said Christine Lagattolla, assistant director of outdoor adventures. The program usually has about 6-12 people going on weekly trips, she said.

The locations for each trip are picked based on how successful they have been in the past, she said.

Lagattolla said there are two types of trips: day trips and overnight trips. Day trips last one day and involve activities like canoeing, climbing and kayaking. Overnight trips last longer than a day and involve activities like camping or snowboarding.

Because of the more complicated nature of the overnight trips, Lagattolla said she advises those interested to have some sort of experience with the events that will happen. Day trips usually feature less complicated tasks and most of them are in Illinois.

Lagattolla said the farthest trip people in the Adventures Trip program would take in a day would be to Iowa to visit caves.

Amy Long, junior special education major, said she went on her first trip Sunday. She went to the Skyscraper Canyon on the Chicago River. Participants were sent to Chicago by van and canoed along the river. They were able to see the Chicago skyline from a rare perspective, Long said.

“It was cool to get a different angle of the Willis Tower, Trump Tower and the rest of the skyline,” Long said. “People were waving to us from the Water Taxi.”

Long said her favorite part of the Adventure Trips program was that it offered opportunities most people wouldn’t normally have because they lack the resources.

Junior economics major Noble Elliott said he has never participated in the Adventure Trips program, but he would have interest in a hiking trip.

“I would do it because not only does it sound like fun, but it’ll help me improve my glutes,” Elliot said.