SGA limits student applications for Senate


Northern Star File Photo

The Student Government Association is located in the Holmes Student Center ground floor in the OASIS space.

By Evan Mellon, News Reporter

The Student Government Association passed a bill Friday afternoon ensuring that those applying to the senate cannot apply more than twice in a school year.

Prior to the bill being passed, there were no limits to the amount of times that a student could apply for SGA’s senate.

“A bill prohibiting someone who has already been denied acceptance twice by the senate during one session after voting is a good idea because it will prevent that individual from maliciously continuing to apply until the Senate no longer likes them,” said senator Chris English.

The new amendment will change the bylaws of the SGA constitution to limit applications for the senate so that an individual will not be able to apply more than twice in a given year.

SGA also approved four new student organizations, including the Reproductive Rights Association, a group “committed to educating and advocating for women’s health issues with a focus on reproductive rights”, as well as Embrace Modeling, “a diverse group of multi-color individuals working to encounter a new adjust on modeling”.

SGA meetings are open to the public and held weekly at NIU; their schedules and agendas can be viewed online via Huskie Hub at the bottom of the page.