‘All-Star: A Huskie Sports Podcast,’ Episode 4: A conversation with women’s tennis


Harrison Linden

Logo for ‘All-Star: A Huskie Sports Podcast’ (Graphic by Harrison Linden | Northern Star)

On this week’s episode of “All-Star: A Huskie Sports Podcast.” sports editor Skyler Kisellus hosts alongside a special guest host, Northern Star copy chief and co-host of “The Culture Pop”, Bridgette Fox.

The full episode can be listened to below:

In this episode of “All-Star,” join them in conversation about the latest results and upcoming events in the world of huskie sports. Additionally, Skyler has an exclusive interview with members of NIU Women’s Tennis, including Angelica Ross, Reagan Welch and Isabella Righi. The three speak with Skyler about competition in their fall season, the benefits of playing matches at home, Halloween movie recommendations and more.

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