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Artwork shows labors of Indian women

By Keisha Howerth | November 4, 2013

The November exhibit at the DeKalb Area Women’s Center hopes to inspire interest in India.The Experiences in India art show will be on display through Nov. 22 at the DeKalb Area Women’s Center, 1021 State St. The exhibit is free and can be viewed...

Exhibit honors city’s immigrants

By Keisha Howerth | October 14, 2013

The fall exhibit at the DeKalb Area Women’s Center, 1021 State St., celebrates history, genealogy and immigration through the lives of the Pesut family.A Memorial Tribute to the Pesut Family: Croatian Immigrant Experience in Finn Town, DeKalb, will...

Women’s Center treats DeKalb to music, fun at shopping fair

By Alex Yorko | December 2, 2012

DeKalb residents showed their support by shopping at a DeKalb Area Women’s Center holiday fair. The DeKalb Area Women’s Center (DAWC), 1021 State St., hosted its 18th annual Holiday Shopping Fair on Saturday. Artists, crafters and home-based businesses...

DeKalb Area Women’s Center looking for volunteers

By Maria Ahmad | September 12, 2012

The DeKalb Area Women’s Center (DAWC), 1021 State Street, is an organization run by volunteers whose goal is to eliminate sexism and celebrate all women. The director, Anna Marie Coveny is also a volunteer at the center. According to the DeKalb nonprofit...

Voter turnout lives up to low expectations

By Olivia Willoughby | March 20, 2012

As election judges expected, voter turnout was low for Tuesday’s primary elections. The 5th Precinct did not receive many voters, though election judge D.L. Morris said it was expected. “We were predicting this,” he said. “Most of the action right...

The art of womanhood

The art of womanhood

By Lindsey Diehl | January 25, 2012

"Fragile," seen here, is part of February's exhibition Soulular Flare by NIU student Liz Howell.

Siew Lian Lim, sculpture graduate student and Buddhist nun,
stands in front of her shadow puppets, which she fashioned from
refuse material such as aluminum cans, food wrappers and

Buddhist nun advocates peace through sculpture

By Chelsey Boutan | November 2, 2011

Sculpture graduate student Siew Lian Lim isn't your typical Buddhist nun. Wearing her traditional gray Sangha robe, Lim scours campus parking lots and dumpsters looking for aluminum cans, food wrappers, Styrofoam and other items that she will later use...

Domestic violence vigil helps battered women share ’empowering’ experience

By Kelly Bauer | October 3, 2011

A brown paper tree, its rainbow-colored leaves decorated with the dreams and hopes of abuse survivors, was a focal point at Monday night's "Fallen Leaves Bring New Growth" domestic violence vigil. Self-expression through artwork like the paper tree and...