DeKalb Area Women’s Center looking for volunteers

By Maria Ahmad

The DeKalb Area Women’s Center (DAWC), 1021 State Street, is an organization run by volunteers whose goal is to eliminate sexism and celebrate all women.

The director, Anna Marie Coveny is also a volunteer at the center. According to the DeKalb nonprofit directory, DAWC’s mission is to “create a safe, supportive environment that celebrates women, promotes women’s culture, & encourages the empowerment of women.”

DAWC hopes to achieve this through offering a variety of programs and opportunities for networking.

“This is a great organization for students to really connect with some of the underlying issues that are going on with the residents of DeKalb and find their place either to participate alongside the women in the area or simply show their support,” said Becky Harlow, former assistant director of community service at NIU’s Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development.

DAWC programs can range from health and wellness to financial and entrepreneurial workshops to concerts and poetry.

Along with the programs, DAWC holds annual events. Some of the most notable events include Women’s History Month Tea program, Domestic Violence Awareness Vigil Winter Coat Drive and the Holiday Shopping fair.

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is often thought of having the same purpose and audience as the DAWC. However the WRC focuses more on informing campus students, staff and faculty. Acting director of the WRC, Lisa Schmidt, said she hopes to build a bridge between the two organizations

“Being in my position for just a year now at the WRC, I am seeing who the WRC can strengthen their ties with both on and off campus and the DAWC is one of those entities,” Schmidt said.

Students interested in volunteering at the DAWC and programs, annual events or other initiatives should contact Coveny at 815-758-1351.