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Government studown could hurt finances, job market for students

Government studown could hurt finances, job market for students

By Kelly Bauer & Anthony Szudarski | October 2, 2013

A government shutdown may not have an immediate impact on students, but it could affect them as it continues.The government’s failure to meet a budget deadline Monday night meant some departments would not be funded and hundreds of thousands of federal...

Top 5: Head-scratching strange news

Top 5: Head-scratching strange news

By Holly New | September 15, 2013

No. 5: Dennis Rodman returns from North Korea visitDennis Rodman has returned after a four-day trip to North Korea, visiting with dictator Kim Jong Un.In Beijing’s airport, Rodman referred to President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary...

War in Syria: repeating past mistakes

By AJ Edwards | September 10, 2013

Congress remains split on a vote to authorize President Barack Obama with the use of military force to intervene in Syria.Despite strong opposition, Obama has asked Congress to consider military strikes against Syria after its president, Bashar al-Assad,...

Raising minimum wage will only hurt employment rate

By Holly New | March 13, 2013

Raising the minimum wage will do more than increase paychecks. According to Eyder Peralta of NPR, President Barack Obama proposed raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour by 2015 in his State of the Union Address on Feb. 12. A little closer to home, according...

Media needs to ignore “non-stories”

By Holly New | February 19, 2013

The media should be ashamed of itself. Over the weekend, as I was perusing the news blotters searching for a story to opinionate on, I found myself consistently stumbling on an utterly annoying story: Barack Obama’s golf game with Tiger Woods. Really?...

Protect the right to petition

By Holly New | December 4, 2012

Our right to petition is guaranteed to us under the First Amendment, but I think it’s gone too far. In later November, a petition was filed to President Barack Obama for the removal of Jerry Jones, owner and GM of the Dallas Cowboys. The petition cited...

NIU more politically active than ever

By Taurean Small | November 7, 2012

While nationally enthusiasm for this year’s presidential election might have simmered down from 2008, the amount of involvement students at NIU took in politics this time around was inspiring. During the final weeks of national campaigning, there were...

Obama wins another four years in office

By Samantha Brockett | November 7, 2012

America will see four more years with President Barack Obama. The election was decided late Tuesday night with the president receiving 303 electoral votes to defeat Republican challenger Mitt Romney who only had 206, according to CNN news. CNN reported...

Voting a privilege to all in U.S.

By Katie Finlon | November 6, 2012

Today, I’m gonna go political on your butt. I’m sure Facebook is reminding you well enough that today’s Election Day—the day in which the fate of our country as we know it will be decided by the American people and the Electoral College. No pressure...

Romney is the business-saavy, economic choice

By Holly New | November 6, 2012

First of all, Romney holds a joint Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration from Harvard University. And despite scrutiny, his development of Bain Capital has lead to a very successful business, demonstrating that he has the business experience...

President Obama is the safe, compassionate choice

By Troy Doetch | November 5, 2012

I’m voting for Barack Obama because our economy is improving, gaining an average of 170,000 jobs per month, according to an October Washington Post article. I see no reason to gamble this on former governor Mitt Romney’s mysterious tax plan: a plan...


Election Profile: President of the United States of America

By Joe Palmer | October 30, 2012

Election Profile: President of the United States of America Barack Obama Party: Democrat, Incumbent Age: 51 Born: Honolulu, Hawaii Campaign Headquarters: Chicago Campaign Slogan: “Forward” Vice presidential running mate: Joe Biden Education: Bachelor’s...