Northern Star

Top 3: Warnings you need a break

Holly New

October 22, 2013

No. 3: Sleeping problemsIf you find yourself having trouble sleeping because your mind just won’t shut off, take it easy.We all know sleep is important, but it is especially so in the winter months. According to Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler of the Mayo Clinic, “Studies show that people who don’t get...

Sycamore man makes the tiger blood cut

Dave Gong

March 29, 2011

DeKALB | Alex Broches, founder of the social networking site, is one of three Illinois finalists in actor Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood internship. Broches, 23, is a Sycamore resident and recent graduate of NIU. The internship is a paid eight-week internship, during which the intern wil...

Former NIU student gains fan base for online videos

Eric Beesley

March 1, 2011

DeKALB | College students spend hours at a time browsing the internet for side splitting videos to pass the time. NIU students can now follow some former Huskies who are attempting to make it in the movie business. Andrew Morris, former NIU student who now attends Columbia College in Chicago, has form...