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AJ Edwards

February 5, 2013

On Jan. 24, 2013, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta lifted the ban on women serving in combat. I personally believe that this is a very bad idea. I’m not a chauvinist, I just believe that this could be counterproductive. The main reason I’m against women serving on the front lines is because of men....

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Cody Laplante

February 5, 2013

There are women in pretty much every position you can think of. There are women doctors, lawyers, firefighters and police officers. Many of us do not judge a female’s capabilities in any of these professions. However, when the Pentagon makes policy to allow women in combat situations, all of a sudd...

Military ban raises equality discussion on campus

A female ROTC cadet crouches during a ROTC field exercise.

Kevin Steiger

January 29, 2013

After news broke that the ban on females in combat roles would be abolished by 2016, students and Huskie Battalion members reacted to the prospect of posts being available to women for the first time. On Thursday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that 230,000 posts, including those on the front lin...

Campus Recreation Center to host fitness classes

Lauren Dielman

September 22, 2011

The Campus Recreation Center will host a number of group fitness classes throughout the week.In order to take classes, one has to purchase a fitness pass at $64 a semester or $103 for the entire year.Classes offered include belly dancing, body combat, cycling, pilates, salsa, total body conditioning, yoga and ...