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Pass/Fail: Winter weather is finally letting up, Primaries bring bad commercials

Danny Cozzi

March 16, 2014

Pass: Winter weather is finally letting upIn a fit of anxious excitement, I’ve been checking the weekly forecast all weekend.Guess what? Most of this week appears to feature the most consistent streak of habitable weather conditions we’ve experienced since the end of last fall.The National Weath...

My identity according to Super Bowl commercials

Dan Martynowicz

February 5, 2012

According to NBC, the average cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad is $3.5 million. I would imagine this puts quite a bit of pressure on advertisers to hit the correct demographic. Thomas Oates, assistant professor of journalism, told me about a game his mother taught him; when you watch commercials, tr...

Corporations’ Sept. 11 commercials are inappropriate

Aaron Brooks

September 13, 2011

This past weekend I was really proud of local governments and community groups throughout this great nation. The numerous community events they planned gave time for us Americans to unite and have fun with our loved ones.Although family time this weekend was special, the best part about it was watching t...