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InFocus: Grade NIU’s Spring Semester 2012

Linze Griebenow Assistant Day Editor Grade: C After going to four schools in four years, I can happily say I’m graduating from NIU. Well, I’m happy I’m graduating after going to four schools in four years. Although I’ve only spent one solid year...

Hitchhiking and humanity

By Dan Martynowicz | April 29, 2012

I hitchhiked for the first time in my life last week. It will not be my last. It started when I woke up late for class. My roommate offered to drive me to Barsema, as he had a class there at the same time. He drives like Dale Earnhardt Jr., so we both...

Discovery space shuttle should not retire to museum

By Dan Martynowicz | April 22, 2012

Tuesday, the space shuttle Discovery took to the air for the last time. It was one of the most demoralizing things I’ve ever seen. According to NASA, Discovery’s career spanned 26 years. The shuttle successfully completed 39 missions in space; more...

The importance of loving your job

By Dan Martynowicz | April 17, 2012

“If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s a phrase I’ve heard many times over, and until recently it seemed impossibly simple and easily attainable. I mean, honestly, would you rather be the guy who dreads walking...

Friendships end when life gets in the way

By Dan Martynowicz | April 15, 2012

With the passing of time comes a change in most things. Friends and friendships are no exception, but I really wish they were. My parents met their friends in school. These people later became the characters and backdrops for every amazing story they...

Importance lies under the hood

By Dan Martynowicz | April 10, 2012

Since the dawn of the automobile, people have had dream cars. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, Corvettes, Mustangs, Vipers, Skylines and Bentleys often top the list. They shine in the sunlight and glow in the moonlight, too fast to cast a shadow and...

Living in DeKalb comes at a price; be safe

By Dan Martynowicz | April 2, 2012

When a screaming man who appears to be under the influence of methamphetamine walks into your home on a Sunday afternoon, you reassess the “need” vs “want” ratio in your life. For example, I used to “want” a dog. Now, thanks to meth mouth...

Higher living through chemistry

By Dan Martynowicz | March 25, 2012

The modern pharmaceutical industry has created medication for everything. It really is incredible to behold; anything from high blood pressure to depression to thinning eyelashes can be solved by a medication. Sounds great right? Just pop a pill and you’ll...

California’s love is too good

By Dan Martynowicz | March 18, 2012

I’ve never had a real spring break vacation. At least, not the ones you see on MTV where everyone is topless and drunk on a beach. For my last semester of college, I decided to throw caution (and all my money) to the wind and spent a week on the beaches...

Life is uncontrollable, Life is good

By Dan Martynowicz | March 6, 2012

Last week, a good friend of mine cried into my chest for 20 minutes outside DuSable Hall. She is one of the hardest working, strongest and most self-sufficient women I’ve ever met. Truthfully, I didn’t think she could cry. She pays her rent, tuition...

Praise to the almighty god of the exam: Scantron

By Dan Martynowicz | February 29, 2012

Midterms are awesome for several reasons. Ok, maybe not awesome but kinda cool. Well, not kinda cool, but decent. Ha, no no, not decent. My bad team, it’s much more like terrible. Spring break is on the horizon. The weather is beautiful, the sun is...

Old man winter loses his snowballs

By Dan Martynowicz | February 26, 2012

Friends, the unthinkable has happened. Old man winter finally lost his snowballs. According to the National Climate Data Center, January temperatures nationwide were 5.5 degrees Fahrenheit above the national average from 1901 to 2000. The 2000-2009 decade...