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A screenshot depicts Mario looking shocked at Donkey Kong in the new game Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The new Nintendo Switch game contains over 100 puzzles for players to complete. (Courtesy of YouTube)

Join Mario’s puzzle adventure against Donkey Kong

By Isabel Cambray, Lifestyle Writer | February 27, 2024

A new game, “Mario vs. Donkey Kong,” was released Feb. 16 featuring Mario and Donkey Kong exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.  The game begins with Donkey Kong watching a commercial about Mini-Marios. After which, he breaks into the Mario Toy...

In a screenshot from Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Sargon motions his fist into the air with rage on his face. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown released Jan. 28 and is available to play now. (Jonathan Shelby | Northern Star)

The Return of a decade old series

By Jonathan Shelby, Lifestyle Writer | January 31, 2024

After more than a decade without the series, a new game, “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown,” has been released to join the “Prince of Persia” series.  Developed by Ubisoft and released Jan. 18, “The Lost Crown” continues with the series’...

A mix of characters from The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2 The Indigo Disk DLC pose in space. The games newest DLC concludes the games first DLC release. (Courtesy of Nintendo)

Indigo Disk Epilogue leaves fans wanting more

By Caleb Johnson, Lifestyle Writer | January 30, 2024

From the lush hills of Kitakami to the blue shores of Unova, Pokémon comes full circle in the final epilogue of “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.”  Recently, Nintendo distributed the Mythical Pecha Berry to players of their most recent titles...

Mario, Luigi and friends playfully pose in the title art for Super Mario Bros. Wonder game. The Nintendo Switch game includes new character powers while maintaining past game elements. (Courtesy of YouTube)

Mario Wonder uses wackiness to its advantage

By Jonathan Shelby, Lifestyle Writer | November 14, 2023

Nintendo’s newest game from the Super Mario Bros. franchise introduces several unique mechanics and challenges with some goofy additions.  The levels of Super Mario Bros. Wonder are designed with 2D as the main theme but also have 3D free roam when...

The title art for the game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 depicts a gold ball with two red stars inside white lettering. The game recently got an update that includes a new battle mode and tournament. (Courtesy of YouTube)

Unique addition to Xenoverse 2

By Jonathan Shelby, Lifestyle Writer | November 5, 2023

As of Oct. 12, fans of the action RPG Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 are able to experience an abundance of new content in one of the biggest free updates the game has ever seen.  Xenoverse 2 is a game that’s part of the Dragon Ball franchise and grants...

Characters from the mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh! pose behind text that says Duel Links. The game new update improves some of the game’s bugs and adds a new game mode. (Courtesy of YouTube)

Rush duels offers something new for Yu-Gi-Oh!

By Jonathan Shelby, Lifestyle Writer | October 17, 2023

The Yu-Gi-Oh! card game is a franchise that started in 1999 and gained more and more fans as it evolved and added more rules.  However, as the game increased in complexity, all the new and complicated rules made the game difficult to learn. It started...

A screenshot from Sonic Frontiers: The Final Horizon, which depicts Sonic and friends facing an enemy. The new storyline contains new characters and has improved the storys boss fights. (Courtesy of YouTube)

Sonic DLC looks promising, franchise savior

By Jonathan Shelby, Lifestyle Writer | October 9, 2023

Sega’s games have built up a reputation for being plagued with multiple issues such as horrible frame rates, clipping through stages and unbalanced boss fights that have left fans disappointed. However, the company’s newest 3D platformer, Sonic Frontiers,...

The cover image of Hogwarts Legacy with Hogwarts castle in the background. The game has some pretty big flaws, and its real-world harm detracts even more from the game.

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is shallow, harmful

By Daniel Massa, Lifestyle Writer | March 23, 2023

“Hogwarts Legacy” is a fairly decent “Harry Potter” game buried beneath very real dark arts. Developed by Avalanche Software and published by WB Games under its label Portkey Games, “Hogwarts Legacy” is a brand new action role-playing game...