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DeKalb sees increase in violent crimes

By Melissa Mastrogiovanni | May 2, 2012

Once every 1.5 days, a violent crime is committed in DeKalb, according to the DeKalb Police Department 2011 Annual Report. Between 2007 and 2011, violent crimes increased from 191 to 234 instances per year. “It’s no surprise to us that the rate of...

Eco Park residents see increase in police presence

By Felix Sarver | May 2, 2012

Residents living in the northwest section of DeKalb City may notice more police patrolling the area than usual. That’s because the NIU police, DeKalb police and DeKalb County police made an agreement in September 2011 to increase their presence in the...

Concealed-carry law returns to Ill. General Assembly

By Mary Diamond | April 8, 2012

If you’re reading this in the state of Illinois, the person next to you is not carrying a concealed weapon - at least, not legally. The Family and Personal Protection Act (HB0148), failed to pass in the Illinois General Assembly by 6 votes last year,...

Weather not only factor in campus crime rates

By Chelsey Boutan | March 27, 2012

During warm weather, less students are inside, which could decrease the chances of criminal infractions occurring, said NIU Police Sgt. Alan Smith. “When it’s cold outside, students tend to come inside and not be outside,” Smith said. “So when...

Police investigate Saturday armed robbery

By Northern Star Staff | March 26, 2012

An armed robbery was reported Saturday at the Dollar Tree, 2060 Sycamore Road. The store was closed when the suspect appeared at the store, said DeKalb Police Lt. Gary Spangler. According to a DeKalb Police Department press release, “the suspect displayed...

No injuries in shots fired incident

By Shelby Devitt & Dave Gong | March 25, 2012

DeKalb police officers responded to multiple reports of shots fired in the 800 block of Kimberly Drive at 2:04 a.m. Saturday. DeKalb Police Lt. Gary Spangler said there appeared to have been an altercation, during which some shots were fired. DeKalb Police...

DeKalb Police receive over 30 credit card fraud complaints

By Northern Star Staff | March 21, 2012

Last week, the DeKalb Police Department received over 30 complaints of Visa credit card fraud. DeKalb Police Lt. Gary Spangler said he wasn’t sure if Visa getting compromised was a wide-spread problem. However, Spangler said many people in the area...

‘Operation Safe Streets’ aims at efficiency, raising awareness

By Melissa Mastrogiovanni | March 5, 2012

Efficiency and raising awareness about a drug problem in DeKalb were the reasons 30 warrants were issued simultaneously in connection with a Thursday’s warrant sweep operation, said DeKalb Police Lt. Gary Spangler. The drug sweep concluded the six-month...

Counterfeit money circulating around NIU

By Felix Sarver | February 29, 2012

Counterfeit bills are circulating around campus. Since last September, nine instances of counterfeit bills have been reported,said NIU Police Sgt. Alan Smith said. The bills are of low denominations, like $5, $10 and $20, he said. The investigations behind...

Editorial: Drug arrests a step in the right direction

By Northern Star Editorial board | February 26, 2012

Former DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen sure knows how to make an exit. On his last day as chief, DeKalb Police conducted Operation Safe Streets with the purpose of arresting 30 alleged drug dealers and users. In a Friday Northern Star article, DeKalb...

Two NIU students arrested in ‘Operation Safe Streets’

By Dave Gong, Jessica Wells, and Ryan Felgenhauer | February 26, 2012

Two students were arrested in connection with illegal drug sales and possession of illicit drugs Thursday as part of “Operation Safe Streets”. Ryan Allen, 21, of Algonquin and Jeffrey Smythe, 22, of DeKalb, were arrested in connection with the sale...

Warrants issued for 31 alleged drug dealers, users

By Dave Gong, Jessica Wells, and Ryan Felgenhauer | February 23, 2012

***Updated 1:00 p.m.*** As of now, 22 people have been arrested as part of Thursday's drug sweep. DeKalb Police Lt. Gary Spangler said Operation Safe Streets is complete. Moving forward, DeKalb Police aim to find and arrest the remaining suspects, Spangler...