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Small Town Skate Shop, 229 E. Lincoln Highway, uses Facebook as
a way to reach more customers.

Local business owners turn to social media to keep in touch with customers

By Dave Gong | October 17, 2011

An internet presence is essential for local businesses looking to market their products, said Holly Nicholson, social media specialist for university relations. "Almost everything can be done online now, and people are spending more and more of their...

Facebook changes may not be enough for students to switch to Google+

By Andrea Azzo | October 5, 2011

The newest social network site officially launched to the public two weeks ago, but some students say they won't make the switch.Google+ officially launched Sept. 20 as Facebook's newest rival. Holly Nicholson, NIU social media specialist, said Google+...

Google Plus hype reaches NIU

By Brian Belford | July 7, 2011

DeKalb | Google has released its very own social networking site called Google Plus. For now, this free site is in an invite-only field-testing phase, allowing for only a small number of people to join and use it. This is to allow Google time to work...

Tony Martin reviews your life: Facebook statuses lacking

By Tony Martin | February 22, 2011

Today's submission is from Stevie Clark, someone who is apparently not a student but stumbled across my challenge and wanted me to review her Facebook statuses. The e-mail itself was capitalized well, but an overabundance of "ur" instead of "your" kind...

Google: The new ‘evil empire’?

By David Thomas | September 29, 2010

It's weird to think that, back in the days of the 1990s, Microsoft was often derided as the "evil empire" of the corporate and technological warfare. Some would argue that Microsoft still is an evil empire like the Soviet Union. There are plenty of gamers...