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Iran-US relations grow increasingly tense

By Dan Doren, News Reporter | January 20, 2020

DeKALB — The most recent events in the ongoing Iran-U.S. conflict began when the U.S. blamed Kataib Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia, for a Dec. 27 rocket attack that killed an American defense contractor, a charge Kataib Hezbollah has denied.Two...

Brass bugle on American flag with room for your type.

Army Field Band comes to the Egyptian

By Northern Star Staff | June 24, 2018

DeKALB — The U.S. Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus is returning to DeKalb for a patriotic performance just after the Fourth of July.The group’s continued tradition of providing free performances to the public will take place at 7:30 p.m., July...

Famous baritone performs anthem

Famous baritone performs anthem

By Chad Pope | February 23, 2017

Jim Cornelison, the Chicago Blackhawk’s famed national anthem vocalist, visited campus to sing to students in Barsema Hall. Cornelison first performed “O Canada” followed by the beloved “Star-Spangled Banner,” at 1 p.m. Wednesday. 

Send holiday cheer to overseas soldiers

By Jeanette Fritz | November 17, 2013

With the holiday season right around the corner, sending greetings cards to soldiers serving overseas is a sure way to spread some holiday cheer.The American Red Cross is sending happy holiday wishes through social media and snail mail until Dec. 6.This...

Lincoln Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

By Hany Abdel | November 13, 2013

A “Real Life Heroes” event included veterans and people on active service walking down the halls of Lincoln Elementary School, greeting children and giving high fives. The school has tried to connect its theme — “where everyday superheroes are...

Military jackets infiltrate fall student fashion scene

By Aymie Telinski | October 14, 2013

October is perfect for busting out military jackets.Men and women rock this trend with little effort, and it gives their style an edgy feel. Wear it to class or when you’re out and about. Women should wear the jacket over a T-shirt for a light coverup....

ROTC program to hold weekend retreat

By Newell Miao | April 17, 2013

The black helicopters are coming, why we shouldn’t be afraid. Students participating in the ROTC program have the opportunity to catch a ride on military UH-60 Blackhawks Thursday. ROTC has teamed with the Air National Guard as well as the university...

US Senator Dick Durbin speaks highly of NIU’s military programs

By Ryan Chodora | April 3, 2013

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) discussed NIU’s nationally recognized military programs with students and faculty from NIU’s Military Student Services (MSS) Wednesday. MMS is a department within Student Services that provides resources for veteran...

War hero continues community service in DeKalb

War hero continues community service in DeKalb

By Ryan Chodora | March 25, 2013

Rob Larkins, local war hero and family man, continues to serve the community with his physical therapy expertise. Larkins has served with the military all over the world, and is now a staff physical therapist and partner at Northern Rehab, 232 W. Lincoln...

Senior sociology major, John Hohnstadt, U.S. Army veteran who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, speaks at the International, Human Rights & Moral Concerns over the use of drones event on Monday night in Rm. 190 of Swen Parson Hall. Hohnstadt gave his perspective on the use of drones, and believes them to be a tool that saves soldiers lives.

Panel discussion focuses on military drones

By Brooke Shinberg | March 19, 2013

As drones make headlines across the groups, groups informed the community about the pros and cons of using drones in combat Monday night, as drones make headlines across the globe. The panel of speakers was made up of professors from various universities,...

Recognize all branches of the military

By AJ Edwards | February 27, 2013

If there is one thing that amuses the heck out of me every time I go home, it’s the constant bickering between my mother, a former Navy officer, and my father, a former Marine. It’s always entertaining hearing the typical “my branch is better than...