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‘Gangster Squad’ brings a lot of action to the big screen

By Deanna Frances | January 13, 2013

The new movie “Gangster Squad,” which was released Friday, has received mixed reviews from audiences and critics everywhere. The film takes place in 1949 Los Angeles, where the city is ruled by a ruthless mobster named Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn). A...

Bane (Tom Hardy) and Batman (Christian Bale) fight in the streets of Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises.

This movie is real life

By Sarah Contreras | July 23, 2012

I never thought a superhero movie would make me feel as much as I felt this weekend. Ever since The Dark Knight, the second installment in director Christopher Nolan’s take on the Batman saga, hit theaters four years ago, fanboys and film lovers alike...

‘Magic Mike’ goes the full monty

By Katie Finlon | July 2, 2012

In an audience composed primarily of women, “Magic Mike” provided the perfect getaway from their everyday routines. No clothes, no waiting. The movie begins with Mike (Channing Tatum) appearing on the screen. Immediately, he walks to the bathroom...

‘Prometheus’ provokes deep thought

By Sarah Contreras | June 18, 2012

I’m a big fan of movies that force the audience to think. More often than not, I leave the theater feeling as if the film powers that be have severely underestimated my ability to ponder, to handle anything complex. So when director Ridley Scott (Gladiator,...

‘Rock of Ages’ rocks…sorta

By Katie Finlon | June 18, 2012

Devil horns, Twisted Sister and musical numbers? Rock on! Rock of Ages is based on a musical that laments on the glories of ’80s hair metal. The movie, directed by Hairspray’s Adam Shankman, certainly reflects the cheesiness. The movie begins with...