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Fire at Minnesota recycling plant affecting air quality

February 19, 2020

BECKER, Minn. (AP) — Officials are monitoring the air quality in Becker where a fire at a metal recycling plantcontinues to burn.Firefighters continued to fight the stubborn blaze Wednesday after working all day and through the night Tuesday at Northern...

Trump’s $4.8 trillion budget proposal revisits rejected cuts

By ANDREW TAYLOR | February 10, 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump unveiled a $4.8 trillion election year budget plan on Monday that recycles deep, previously rejected cuts to domestic programs like food stamps, Medicaid, and housing as the recipe for wrestling the federal budget...

Local recycling facilities to turn away CRT TVs

By Northern Star staff | July 20, 2015

Recycling facilities will no longer accept Cathode Ray Tube TV sets because of lack of state funding, according to a City of DeKalb news release.CRT TV sets are much larger and heavier than flat-screen TVs and have depleted the state’s recycling assistance...

Recycling programs not exclusive to NIU

By AJ Edwards | October 9, 2013

DeKalb and NIU actively participate in recycling, but it seems not everybody got the message.According to DeKalb’s Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Guide, Waste Management collects the city’s garbage and recycling in designated areas on Wednesdays,...

DeKalb receives grant for e-recycling

By Ryan Chodora | April 30, 2013

In an effort to celebrate Earth Month, Gov. Pat Quinn has allocated about $98,000 in electronic waste recycling grants for 49 counties, including DeKalb County. DeKalb County will receive $2,000 in grant money which will go toward advertising its electronic...

Students participate in recycling competition at Huskie Stadium

By Lindsey Rodriguez | November 15, 2012

NIU accepted the challenge to go green at Wednesday’s home football game. Several organizations from NIU are participating in the Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) national “Game Day Challenge,” which took place during the football game against...

NIU recycling made easier with changes to bins

By Chelsey Boutan | September 4, 2012

Sarah Wawerski spent her summer and will spend this semester trying to get the NIU campus community to do one thing--recycle more. But getting people to recycle more, if at all, can be difficult. And with limited funding for campus recycling efforts,...

Guest Column: Old electronics should be donated, recycled

By Ryan Read | October 17, 2011

Picture this scenario: You are casually walking to class, listening to your iPod or checking your smartphone to get the latest news, and you walk by someone who has the latest tech in their hands. It's faster, slimmer and more energy efficient, and you...

Erik Anderson u007c Northern Staru000dAudrey Yureku002c
junior elementary education majoru002c throws away garbage inside
the Holmes Student Center on Wednesday nightu002e

NIU makes recycling easier

By Ryan Felgenhauer | August 24, 2011

The familiar four-bin recycling system is slowly disappearing from NIU.The multicolored recycling bins are a common sight anywhere on the NIU campus. They are slowly being phased out, however, by a newer, single-bin system."We're trying to update NIU's...

NIU needs to provide recycling options for students in the dorms

NIU needs to provide recycling options for students in the dorms

By Jack Baker | March 29, 2011

Currently, there is no way for students on their floors to recycle. This is pretty sad. NIU needs to implement a structured recycling program in its residence halls. I don't even want to think about the amount of recyclable materials that are thrown away...