Local recycling facilities to turn away CRT TVs

By Northern Star staff

Recycling facilities will no longer accept Cathode Ray Tube TV sets because of lack of state funding, according to a City of DeKalb news release.

CRT TV sets are much larger and heavier than flat-screen TVs and have depleted the state’s recycling assistance budget, according to the City of DeKalb. County-wide recycling company, New Life is no longer accepting the sets either.

Waste Management can pick up CRT TV sets for a $25 to $35 fee, and Best Buy will accept TVs up to 32 inches for free until available space fills up.

Any TVs left on the curb will be marked and treated as maintenance code violations, according to the City of DeKalb.

Community members can take a survey to determine the remaining need for CRT recycling services at bit.ly/1LxH3wC.