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Joe Pesci, left, and Robert De Niro star in the The Irishman which stars De Niro  as a hitman for the Mafia.

‘The Irishman’ sees a return to form for Scorsese

By Parker Otto | November 30, 2019

In the past decade, Martin Scorsese has been experimenting with different genres of film, including dark comedy with “The Wolf of Wall Street,” family entertainment with “Hugo” and historical epic with “Silence.”When Scorsese decided to make...

Robert De Niro stars in The King of Comedy as Rupert Pupkin, a mentally deranged stand-up comedian who longs for acceptance in society.

Top ten things to watch if you liked “Joker”

By Parker Otto | October 11, 2019

The film “Joker,” released Oct. 4, has become a box office sensation with the film having the highest grossing opening weekend of October, a record previously held by “Venom.” For those who enjoyed the film and wish to explore types of media,...

Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, tries to put on a happy face in Joker.

‘Joker’ creates a narrative worthy of the Clown Prince of Crime

By Parker Otto | October 6, 2019

“Joker,” while controversial and violent, is easily one of the best films of 2019 due to its complex character development, strong atmosphere and beautiful filmmaking techniques. Rather than being part of a larger cinematic universe with a budget...

Emmanuelle Seigner displays the Grand Jury Prize for An Officer and a Spy, directed by Roman Polanski, during the awarding ceremony of the Venice Film Festival Sept. 7. Polanski did not attend the festival so his wife, Seigner, accepted the award in his place.

“Joker” wins Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival, convicted child rapist Roman Polanski wins Grand Jury Prize

By Parker Otto | September 11, 2019

The 76th Venice Film Festival captivated critics and filmmakers from Aug. 28 to Sept. 7. Several prestigious films were exhibited, with some being screened in competition for the prestigious Golden Lion prize while others were shown out of competition...

Comedy works in ‘The Intern’

By Deanna Frances | September 28, 2015

Robert De Niro’s on-screen connection with Anne Hathaway was impeccable in “The Intern.”The film stars Robert De Niro as Ben Whitacker, a widower and retiree searching for a new purpose. Ben comes across a senior citizen internship program where...

This film image released by Sony Pictures shows, from left, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence in a scene from American Hustle.

“American Hustle” worth seeing — but not twice

By Kevin Bartelt | December 20, 2013

Batman with a beer belly, Bradley Cooper with curlers and Robert De Niro working his mob game wasn’t enough to con me into believing “American Hustle” is the movie of the year.With 13 nominations for the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, I had high...