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Ryan Adams’ past exposed

By Peter Zemeske | February 24, 2019

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams is the latest musician to fall under scrutiny for sexual misconduct. The 44-year-old balladier is accused of offering career assistance to young girls before pursuing them sexually, according to a Feb. 13 New York Times article.Among...

2012 offered opportunity to discover older music

By Sarah Contreras | December 5, 2012

I always look forward to December. Is it because of Christmas? Presents? Snow days? The fact that December is part of The Decemberists and they are my favorite band? Is it because I can finally justifiably utter the words “Winter is coming”? Nope....

The joys of cover songs

By Sarah Contreras | October 24, 2012

Is there anything better than a quality cover song? Well, of course there is: strawberry ice cream, a good hair day, handwritten letters, buttery pastries, etc. But, I digress. A truly great cover song is still a wonderful thing. My iTunes library happens...

Twitter can make moments immortal

By Sarah Contreras | October 23, 2012

I’ve come to the realization that fan mail has been replaced by tweets. Do you even remember fan mail? How many of you ever actually wrote a letter to an artist or band, licked an envelope and sent it off in the mail with hopes of a handwritten response...

Ryan Adams ‘Ashes & Fire’ burns bright

By Sarah Contreras | October 10, 2011

Singer-Songwriter Ryan Adams spent the past decade exploring the musical spectrum.From the country-soaked twang of Pneumonia to the sci-fi heavy metal of Orion, Adams fans have been treated to every facet of his talent. Now, with the release of Ashes...