Ryan Adams’ past exposed

By Peter Zemeske

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams is the latest musician to fall under scrutiny for sexual misconduct. The 44-year-old balladier is accused of offering career assistance to young girls before pursuing them sexually, according to a Feb. 13 New York Times article.

Among Adams’ accusers are ex-wife, singer and actress Mandy Moore and musician Phoebe Bridgers. Bridgers said Adams offered to have her perform in opening spots for his upcoming tour and release music on his label, Pax-Am, after hearing her perform a song for him. She said the two moved into a consensual romantic relationship quickly after meeting, but Adams quickly became manipulative.

Bridgers, then 20, said Adams brought up marriage less than a week into their relationship. Adams released the music the two recorded April 2015 including the songs “Killer,” “Georgia” and “Steamroller,” but rescinded his offer of letting her play on tour after the two split, according to a Feb. 13 New York Times article.

The New York Times article featured comments from seven women claiming some degree of emotional or sexual abuse. One case mentioned in the article involves an underage girl  referred to as Ava. The article omits the girl’s real identity since she was a minor when the online communication between her and Adams started in 2013; she was 14 years old at the time.

Adams allegedly engaged in sexual scenarios with Ava online, but the two never met in person. An FBI investigation opened Feb. 14 concerning the communications between Adams and Ava, according to a Feb. 14 New York Times article.

“I am not a perfect man, and I have made many mistakes.” Adams said in a  Feb. 13 tweet. “To anyone I have ever hurt, however unintentionally, I apologize deeply and unreservedly.”

Adams claimed some of the details divulged in the Times article were exaggerated or false entirely.

Adams’ guitarist Todd Wisenbaker took to Instagram to tell Adams to “get help” after hearing the allegations against Adams. Other musical collaborators such as Jenny Lewis have expressed their sympathy with the victims. “Big Colors,” Adams’ upcoming studio album, has been cancelled, according to a Feb. 15 Pitchfork article.