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Church, students pray the stress away

By Logan Love | April 30, 2013

Students prayed for less stress as the semester winds down and final examinations approach. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 900 Normal Road, hosted #Prayers2Pass on Tuesday passing out free snacks and drinks while praying with students. Participants prayed...

Students should join the gaming community

By Josh Alfrey | April 24, 2013

Students should put down their books and pick up a controller because anyone can be a gamer. Not only is it really fun to do, it can also help you be more successful in other parts of your life. Learn to notice the small stuff If you have ever played...

Students showcase their work at Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day

By Mariah Stubbs-Johnson | April 23, 2013

Undergraduates addressed real world issues through research while presenting at the annual Undergraduate Research and Artistry event Tuesday. Undergraduates who participated in a faculty-mentored research project were able to showcase their work at the...

Website allows students to review their instructors

By Guadalupe Lopez | April 22, 2013

With new class schedules to be made, NIU students are using sites like to find reviews of potential fall professors. History professor Stanley Arnold has a total of 123 ratings and rated 4.1 out of five in overall quality. Arnold...

Student leaders react to NIU’s new president

By Robert Baird | April 2, 2013

Student leaders will actively seek increased involvement with Doug Baker when he becomes NIU’s president. Jack Barry, Student Association (SA) president elect, met Baker for the first time on Tuesday. “I’m confident and excited that the Board of...

NIU Confessions Facebook page offers no advice

By Danny Cozzi | April 1, 2013

There’s been a lot of hype over the NIU Confessions Facebook page. The page has garnered close to 3,700 fans since it was first created just over a month ago. I was very excited to see a giant collection of students sharing crushes or embarrassing weekend...

Student Association President Jack Barry

Students choose new CAB, SA representatives

By Robert Baird | March 28, 2013

Voter turnout for the Student Association (SA) and Campus Activity Board (CAB) elections more than doubled this year. More than 1,500 students voted in the elections held Tuesday and Wednesday. About 750 students voted in 2012, and there were 1,189 votes...

National Society of Collegiate Scholars to induct student scholars

By Kelly Marshall | March 27, 2013

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) will induct outstanding student scholars at a private ceremony at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Carl Sandburg Auditorium of the Holmes Student Center. NSCS is an honors organization that recognizes scholar students....

Social media does not belong in the classrooms

By Annastazia Camarena | March 27, 2013

Technology is taking to the hearts of classrooms; tradition chalkboards and notebooks are a thing of the past, replaced with PowerPoint presentations and laptops. When I heard that some professors allow live Twitter feeds to stream in large lectures,...

City looks to student involvement in upcoming elections

By Ali Combs | March 27, 2013

The April 9 local election is an opportunity for students to get involved with the DeKalb community. Same-day voting will be offered at the Holmes Student Center in order to encourage students to vote for local officials. In addition to voting, there...

NIU sees decrease in spring enrollment

By Robert Baird | March 24, 2013

NIU has experienced a 4.7 percent decline in enrollment since spring 2012, according to the results of a Northern Star Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Spring enrollment is at 20,075 students; in 2012, it was 21,066. Paul Palian, director of...

Students commit to community service over spring break

By Logan Love | March 18, 2013

While some students were lying on the beach this spring break, others were picking up trash in Tennessee. Campus Recreation’s Outdoor Adventure led students on an alternative spring break trip to Memphis to be a part of a collaborative effort to remove...