Poll: Which Christmas movie are you watching?


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Opinion columnist Lucy Atkinson presents a poll on which Christmas movie is the best to watch for the holiday season.

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Columnist

While the grass remains stubbornly green, the first fairy-like flakes of snow have begun to float down around us. For those who celebrate the holiday, the urge to begin Christmas festivities is becoming increasingly difficult to resist. 

One way to satisfy that Christmas craving (not counting candy canes and gingerbread) is with the endless supply of Christmas movies available today. 

For those of us who struggle to sit through two hours of film – there are gifts to wrap and trees to trim, after all – one of the holiday’s oldest and most classic movies has a run-time of only twenty six minutes. Based on his children’s book of the same name and released in 1966, according to IMDb “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” dives into the quirky and genius mind of Dr. Seuss. As the story proves, the Whos’ Christmas cheer is quick to warm even the coldest of hearts. 

Another Christmas classic is “Home Alone,” released in 1990, according to IMDb. While a majority of the plot is not about the holiday itself – home-invasion is not generally considered a theme of the most wonderful time of the year – the uniqueness of this comedy film only makes it more intriguing. 

The mischievous grins of young Kevin McCallister never fail to make us laugh, and we can’t help but feel satisfied as the film’s bumbling thieves struggle through his traps. 

Christmas comedy, however, cannot be discussed without the mention of “Elf,” starring Will Ferrell. Incredibly popular since its release in 2003, according to IMDb, “Elf” is a wild adventure and an overall Christmas masterpiece.

Only a real Scrooge wouldn’t love the poor, oversized elf, Buddy and wish for him a lifetime supply of maple syrup, even if he uses it in questionable ways. 

Finally, while some find the animation of “The Polar Express” to be strange, released 2004 according to IMDb, the story this film presents is undoubtedly special. Complete with Santa Claus, soaring reindeer, a northern-lights-infused North Pole, and dancing elves, “The Polar Express” has all the classic components we associate with Christmas. 

However, perhaps the most spectacular aspect of the film is its soundtrack. From Tom Hanks with his hot chocolate to tinkling bells, the music of “The Polar Express” is as varied as it is mesmerizing, all backed by a sentimental reflection on childhood belief in magic. 

This season, before one can snooze through visions of sugarplums, cozy winter nights must surely conclude with a Christmas film. 

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Which cinematic adventure will bring your Christmas cheer?


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