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Look both ways: Are ghosts real?

(Courtesy of Getty Images)
Six ghosts float in front of a white background. Senior Opinion Columnist Emily Beebe and Opinion Columnist Olivia Zapf debate whether ghost are real. (Courtesy of Getty Images)

Ghosts are probably real
By: Olivia Zapf

Ghosts are real … probably. The age old question of the existence of ghosts has mystified individuals worldwide. 

With classics like “Casper the Friendly Ghost” and Slimer from “Ghostbusters,” it’s hard not to ask the question: Are ghosts real? 

The problem in finding the correct answer about the existence of ghosts comes from the limited perception of the world that humans have.

The electromagnetic spectrum covers radio, television, micro, radar, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X and gamma rays. Humans are only able to see visible light, which leaves eight types of waves ghosts can exist in. 

Because humans are only able to naturally detect visible light, ghosts could exist in any other form; additionally, all types of light are existent all of the time.

It would be naive to believe ghosts cannot exist because they are not seen. 

X-rays show pictures of bone structures that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but we do not question those pictures, even though we cannot perceive the bone structure. 

With the variety of technology that has developed, it is hard to believe that ghosts are not out there. 

For example, temperature guns, electromagnetic field detectors and holy water are key aspects of ghost hunting equipment, according to an NPR interview with Chris Williams. 

Throughout history technology has aided humans when they fail to perceive and do things on their own. Technology designed for ghost-hunting is no different. 

Developing this technology would not have occurred if there was not a historical basis for ghosts. For example, the Stanley Hotel is known for paranormal activity. The hotel is noted to house an American businessman named Freelan Oscar Stanley, a piano-playing woman named Flora and a housekeeper, according to the Travel Channel.

If one doubts the presence of ghosts, it is suggested to find a haunted place, either in DeKalb or elsewhere in Illinois, and use this technology to see for themselves. The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, the Union Hotel in Wisconsin, and the Manteno State Mental Hospital in Illinois are just a few examples among others of haunted places that one could visit. 

Just because one cannot perceive ghosts with the naked eye does not mean they aren’t there

Ghosts are overrated
By: Emily Beebe

A glass falls off of a kitchen counter out of nowhere and breaks into a million little pieces. Nobody touched the glass nor did anything to cause it to fall. There’s the common saying that it, “must be a ghost.” Does it really though? The glass did not just all of a sudden get magical powers to fall by itself. Although ghosts and evil spirits are largely talked about on Halloween, these concepts are overhyped.

Ghosts and the belief in them goes all the way back to the 14th and 15th centuries with the topic of purgatory, according to The Guardian. Although ghosts have been around for many centuries, they should not be so hyped up when ghosts aren’t even real. 

The topic of ghosts becomes extremely overemphasized around Halloween. It seems like after Halloween or what is known as “spooky season,” the topic of ghosts is not talked about as much. 

Although there are numerous apps that can supposedly “detect” ghosts, creating these apps is just a way for developers to make money and tailor to a gullible audience.

There is no scientific evidence to prove ghosts exist. The scientific equipment that is used on ghost-hunting TV shows does not accurately measure anything, according to Science News Explores.

Believing in nonexistent creatures such as ghosts is foolish. There are other topics individuals should believe in, such as equal rights for all, instead of something as ridiculous as ghosts. 

Ghosts are fake and are just a part of Halloween festivities like haunted houses. 

It’s contradictory to believe in something like ghosts for a month and then all of a sudden not believe in them anymore. Believing ghosts are real is like children believing in fairies, it’s ridiculous.

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