Organization aids fathers

By Michael Berg

Because men often need a place to turn to in domestic situations, a local organization is trying to address their problems.

All families have problems to deal with everyday, such as household conflicts, divorce, abuse and everyday living. These problems are compounded when children are involved.

There are many social organizations put together to help children and mothers deal with domestic problems.

However, fathers also need someplace to go for help in dealing with relationships between their mates and their children.

The Illinois Institute for Fathers and Children Together Successfully, Inc., tries to fill that gap. David C. Bruer, executive director, started this non-profit organization to find answers to the question, “What’s best for the kids?”

“You can’t base parental ability on gender,” Bruer said. “There are many organizations that use misleading statistics inaccurately biased against the males in domestic problems.”

With this organization, David said he is seeking accuracy and fairness, so the actual problems can be addressed and the children can be helped.

“The children didn’t choose their parents or their situation,” Bruer said.

Anyone in need of help in family problems can go to the Fathers and Children office at 209 Palmer Ct. in DeKalb (across from the Egyptian theater), Bruer said. People can receive counseling on specific situations as well as legal help and advice.

There will be an open house tonight at 7 p.m. at their office in DeKalb. Anyone interested in attending is invited.