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‘Wish,’ Squid games to grace screens next week

Eighteen individuals in red hoods sit at multicolored gaming desks. “Squid Game: The Challenge” is a reality series based on “Squid Games” and will release on Netflix Nov. 22. (Courtesy of YouTube)

Disney’s powerful, wish-making film, the return of “Squid Game” and Adam Sandler’s newest film come out next week.


Disney’s 100th anniversary movie celebration finally comes to the big screens on Nov. 22. The story follows a 17-year-old Asha (Ariana DeBose) as she wishes on a star to help save her kingdom from its evil ruler. 

Like most Disney films, the main protagonist has an animal sidekick. Asha will have an adorable goat tagging along on her perilous journey. 

The musical movie has already been receiving a lot of attention due to the controversy surrounding blending 2D animation and 3D animation, which many fans think looks unfinished. 

Disney films usually do well in theaters, exploring themes of good versus evil and spreading the message to always be kind. 

Despite negative comments about the film, we can count on Disney to bring us all back to our childhoods with its magic and unforgettable stories. 

“Squid Game: The Challenge”

Inspired by the 2021 TV series “Squid Game,” Netflix has created a new reality competition show that places 456 individuals against each other as they compete for $4.56 million. 

The hundreds of individuals will face off in challenges similar to those that can be found in “Squid Game,” testing everyone’s skills and character. 

Each round, people will be eliminated. Even the 13-foot doll will return, although  not actually killing the contestants this time. 

Stakes will be high; and as this is a race for prize money, the show will certainly be as entertaining as it will be nerve-wracking to watch. 

“Squid Game: The Challenge” will release on Netflix Nov. 22. 


Adam Sandler stars as an uproarious lizard in Netflix’s new original film “Leo,” coming out Nov. 21. 

This animated film follows Leo, a class pet who’s been stuck in the same cage, in the same classroom, for years. When he finally gets to go home with one of the students, he finds that his wisdom can help the students he previously didn’t care for. 

The animation reminds me of “Inside Out,” and the different characters feel like they represent a lot of young people. 

Judging by the YouTube trailer, the film looks like a cute children’s movie with underlying motifs of not judging a book by its cover that even older viewers can find satisfying.

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