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Love films, TV show out next week

A red bow holding a letter rests in front of 10 people’s faces. “Love Actually” is returning to theaters on Dec. 8. (Courtesy of Flickr)

The semester is winding down, and students may feel they need a pick-me-up to ease their finals-stressed minds. Here are three pieces of media that cover a broad range of tropes.


Starting Dec. 7, select theaters will be showing the musical comedy “Waitress.” 

The musical is an adaptation of the 2007 film of the same name. “Waitress” stars Sara Bareilles as a small-town waitress who hopes to make it big one day. The live stage recording may remind people of how “Hamilton” was brought to Disney+ in 2020. 

For anyone who enjoys musicals with a mostly women cast and crew and likes to see inspiring stories on the big screen, “Waitress” will be showing in theaters from Dec. 7 to Dec. 11.

“Love Actually”

No, there won’t be a new “Love Actually” coming out next week; instead, the 2003 film will be returning to theaters for the holiday season. 

“Love Actually” is one of the most well-known romance movies of all time and stars Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant and Thomas Brodie-Sangster among other big name actors. The film explores what love is and tells the intricate stories of nine different relationships. Moviegoers who hate sad endings have nothing to worry about with this film –  “Love Actually” is full of happy endings and feel-good moments. 

“My Life with the Walter Boys”

Based on the book of the same title by Ali Novak, Netflix introduces a new young adult series on Dec. 7. 

Fans of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” will particularly enjoy this show because the storylines seem similar. 

“My Life With the Walter Boys” follows Jackie Howard (Nikki Rodriguez) as she moves from Manhattan to rural Colorado to live with her guardian’s family. Jackie finds herself enamored by two boys she lives with and finds herself stuck in a love triangle. The love triangle trope involving two brothers has been used quite often in media and can be called cliche, but young audiences eat it up every time. The show will contain 10 episodes with one releasing each week. 

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