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Holiday gift guide for significant others

A paper price tag lies against a burlap canvas. As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift for your significant other becomes more important. (Getty Images)

The holiday season is here, and the daunting task of finding gifts for your significant other has begun. 

Each year, couples are left scratching their head for a unique gift idea that is personable and enjoyable. However, it is easy to get lost in the glitz and glamor of holiday shopping and have no idea what to get. 

This holiday gift guide is sure to provide great gift ideas for him and her: 


Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are easy to find and come in many sleek styles. They can be customized with engravings that can reflect a message of your choosing. Tennis bracelets also range in pricing, with some even at the low price of $40. Jewelry is not only for women and is a great gift for anyone. 


Replace your significant other’s worn leather wallet with a more luxurious style. Wallets can be found in any department store, and many high-end designers have wallets that come in a variety of colors. Wallets can also be engraved and embroidered to add a touch of personalization to this gift. 

Customizable Cologne 

Instead of getting Dior Sauvage, create the perfect scent for your partner that reminds them of you. There are many online stores and in-person workshops to make custom scents. Many places allow you to choose the top, middle and base notes,  along with the name and sometimes the packaging. This gift is sure to remind your partner of you with every spritz. 


Locket Necklace

These beautiful, chunkier necklaces use a charm as a pendant and can hold a small picture. They are great to wear everyday and can blend in with other layered pendants. The small pendants are customizable as the pictures inside the locket can often be changed. The pendant is usually heart-shaped and is able to be engraved. 

Makeup Restock
Nothing tops the feeling of unwrapping a new eyeshadow palette or foundation. A perfect gift for the holidays is a makeup restock. With this gift, it is important to write down her shades in each product before going to the store. Asking an Ulta or Sephora worker will be beneficial for finding products not on the main displays.

Customizable Candle

Candles make any room feel cozier. With a custom scent for your partner, they will fall in love with this gift. Candle making has grown significantly in popularity over the last few years. There are both workshops and online stores to create candles. The notes, packaging and title are usually fully customizable.


Scrapbook & Digital Camera

Start a scrapbook with your significant other. This can be a fun date night activity to do over the course of the relationship. You can find everything you need to make a DIY scrapbook at craft stores. You can also order a custom book and just add your pictures.

We Are Not Really Strangers (Couples Edition)
This fun date night game gives a deeper look at your partner to understand them from the inside out. The game is an expansion pack of the original WNRS game. Take time to understand how your partner thinks and challenge them to go deeper with this card game.

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