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Election results await SGA Supreme Court decision

Three people stand and gesture while talking at podiums. The SGA appointed a new Supreme Court Justice and approved a bill regarding campaign violations at their meeting Friday. (Northern Star graphic)

DeKALB – At Friday’s SGA senate meeting, Sergeant-At-Arms Niko Bereolos announced that results from the SGA election would remain sealed until all sanctions are ruled upon by the SGA Supreme Court.

Currently, there are two appeals pending. The Supreme Court has accepted both appeals.

“I would guess the earliest the Supreme Court would meet would be Monday,” Speaker Cole Hensley said.


President Olivia Newman attempted to appoint two new Supreme Court justices, Sharrell McNeal, a junior nursing major, and Ashanti Ford, a junior sports management major.

The senators debated the appointment of McNeal for approximately 45 minutes.

Senators who opposed the appointment of McNeal argued her relation to senator and presidential candidate Alexia Musgraves through her membership in the Good Girl Movement, a student organization dedicated to the upliftment of Black women, could be an ethical issue as there are current appeals going on in the Supreme Court involving the elections.

“I think the fact that there’s ongoing appeals in the Supreme Court should lead us to tabling both of these justices until the Supreme Court makes their final decision,” Senator Lucas Osman said.

Musgraves endorsed McNeal’s appointment to the Supreme Court and noted that although McNeal is part of the Good Girl Movement, two out of the three current Supreme Court Justices are part of the same fraternity, Sigma Nu, as some of the members on the NIU United ticket.

Senator Demetri Anastopoulos said part of his reasoning for not wanting to appoint McNeal was because of her lack of knowledge in law, being that she is not a law student.

Musgraves went on to insult Anastopoulos regarding his statement.

“People have skills, I’m not sure if you have any, but people have skills outside of the organizations that they are involved in,” Musgraves said.

Senator Matt Robinson approved of McNeal to be appointed to the SGA Supreme Court.

“I think we limit ourselves when, you know, good quality candidates come up,” Robinson said. “And we hold back on ‘Oh, they’re not majoring in this, oh, they’re not majoring in that,’ therefore they don’t have equal opportunity to make change where they want to make change.”

Deputy Speaker Chris English explained to the senate part of the issue with his search for Supreme Court Justice candidates is because of the lack of law students who want the position.

“I’ve been looking and reaching out to law schools, I’ve been reaching out to mock trial and reaching out to a whole bunch of different ones and it is hard to get someone to be willing to stand for the Supreme Court justices,” English said.

After a failed attempt to table the appointment of McNeal, the senate decided to vote.

McNeal would fail to be appointed by a vote of 6-7-0.

Ford, who is not related to any student organization of any member of either the NIU United or NIU Unity ticket, was appointed by a vote of 8-4-1.


The senate approved a bill Friday requiring that no campaign shall give out items outside of the items approved by the election commissioner and Board of Elections. These items include water bottles, candy, soda or any physical item not approved.

This bill was approved after election candidates and campaign supporters were seen passing out unapproved items such as Jolly Ranchers to potential voters.


Paul Benson, a junior psychology and history major, attempted to receive confirmation to become senator for Students-At-Large but failed to do so by a vote of 6-7-0.

Benson said his reasoning for wanting to join SGA was because he wanted to help in the creation of student organizations.

“I just want to help you guys get the message out to just help more clubs,” Benson said.

Multiple senators including Musgraves and Osman did not approve of the confirmation of Benson.

“I just believe that he should really look at the bylaws and try again next semester,” Musgraves said.

Osman said Benson would not have enough time to try and make a difference. English reminded the senators that Benson would join the senate with the same amount of work as other senators even being near the end of the session.

“I would like to state that there are currently some senators who have as much stuff to do as Benson would have as well,” English said.

SGA meetings are open to the public and held at 2 p.m. on Fridays, with locations posted in the senate’s agendas. SGA minutes and intent to speak forms are available on Huskie Hub.

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