Hockey club plays Purdue U.

The NIU men’s hockey club heads into this weekend looking to improve its 12-3 record by taking the ice against Purdue University Friday at 9:30 p.m. in Rockford.

The club is providing a fan bus to Rockford free of charge. For information contact Craig (765-7862) or Jim (748-3696).

The Huskies handed the Boilermakers (10-1) their only loss of the season two weeks ago 5-3 in West LaFayette, Ind.

On Saturday, NIU plays host to Palmer (Iowa). The Huskies are aiming for the playoffs in late February after failing to make it by a point last season.

Team captain Craig Boledovich invites interested parties to make the trek to Rockford and enjoy quality club hockey as NIU plays Purdue.