Boycott product

I was amused by the large, slick poster advertising G. Heileman’s Special Export, which accompanied every issue of The Northern Star, Sept. 15. Only a month ago I watched on television as a spokesman for the beer industry touted the industry’s strong commitment to responsible use of alcoholic beverages and denied all charges that it encourages underage drinking.

However, when we consider that 41 percent of the students at NIU fall between the ages of 18 and 20, who is being targeted by such advertising? Is there merely a lack of communication between the beer companies’ advertising departments (motivated by increasing sales) and the industry’s public relations organization (concerned with “social responsibility”)? Or is public relations really a way for the beer industry to divert attention away from the fact that it will do anything to increase profits, regardless of the social consequences?

If the beer industry is going to feign social responsibility, it must be held accountable for flagrant attempts to draw underage persons into drinking via expensive advertising. Therefore, I recommend a boycott of G. Heileman’s products by the NIU community. This should encourage the company (and the industry) to put its advertising money where its public relations’ mouth is.

Mark Kimmet

Graduate student