Film a disservice

Deep Throat is “the very best porn film ever made,” so says Al Goldstein. Is this under the guise of education? This is a sure winner for NIU’s “image.”

Encouraging excessive drinking parties leading to alcholism, along with co-ed living quarters in dorms and open visitation 24 hours a day may be accepted as freedom, but in reality, they are bondage-producing.

And now comes the ultimate of ultimates with the Sandburg Auditorium ad in the Sept. 22 issue of the Star.

Yes, Linda Lovelace was forced into this film and anyone who makes or spends money on such as this is unfortunately unwittingly furthering the cause.

Instead of teaching respect, this works toward expanding criminal behavior. What a disservice to the student body and NIU community. Does what one sees and hears affect their behavior, intellect and future? If they didn’t, NIU or any other school of learning would have no purpose to exist.

NIU in recent years (as well as our great nation of America) has gained new heights. Unfortunately, rampant “freedom” is built on sand pillars. I surely hope that steel reinforcements are added before the tide comes in.

I’m grateful for the freedoms we have, but there is a difference between responsible freedom and “doing your own thing.” We are all responsible for the lives that we help to build —or tear down.

Violet Lange – staff – NIU