NIU Athletics announces new strategic plan

By Northern Star Staff

NIU’s athletic department announced their strategic plan for 2018-2021 Nov. 16, outlining how they will move forward with improvements to university athletics.

This is its second three-year plan, and it is based on four pillars: student-athlete experience, communication and the NIU family, community connection and financial stability.

“It’s extremely important to have this road map for success,” Athletic Director Sean T. Frazier said in a Nov. 16 news release. “I’m excited because so many people from all areas of the department – coaches, senior administrators, staff and student-athletes – poured their heart and soul into developing it. The strategic plan provides another example of the ways in which we are prioritizing academic and athletic success.”

The plan is focused on improving the well-being of athletes, improving their connections with the rest of the university and fanbase and ensuring the programs remain financially viable.

In order to achieve these goals, the program plans to improve their recognition of individual and team achievements while improving mental health care for student-athletes.

“I am very proud of the hard work of the Strategic Plan Working Group, which consisted of student-athletes, head coaches, senior staff and department head leadership and a representative from our Huskie Fan Advisory Board,” Chief of Staff Debra Boughton said. “I am particularly proud of the interest and involvement of our student-athletes, a group that did not play a large role in the design and implementation of our last strategic plan. I am hopeful that this plan will be one that truly drives our department priorities for the next three years, and one that all members of the NIU community will support to assist us in continuing to move our department forward.”