Pass/Fail: Freeman stands against hatred, SA needs to update policies

By Lucas Skye


Acting President Lisa Freeman re-affirms stance against hatred.

Acting President Lisa Freeman publically denounced the unauthorized posting of white supremacist propaganda on March 18.

“We cannot give into that ignorance,” said Freeman in a Facebook post, re-affirming NIU’s stance against hatred.

This is the second time Identity Evorpa has posted recruitment flyers around NIU.

Identity Evorpa has been identified as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Staff members have taken down all of the postings, as they violated the university’s posting regulations.

By repeatedly speaking out against Identity Evorpa and by taking down all of the postings, Freeman demonstrates that NIU will not accept hatred and bigotry on campus and that the university will take action against hatred and bigotry wherever it appears.


SA needs to update policies

IU’s Student Association needs to update their constitution to ammend ambiguous language on election regulations and lack of regulation on the use of proxy when aquiring signatures.

This realization stemmed from a suspicion of forged signatures on petitions during an S.A. election. This lead to the #YouMatterNIU ticket to be disqualified.

However, signatures were found to be legitimate although the signatures were signed by someone other than the voting party with permission.

After a trial, the court deemed this practice to be acceptable and the disqualification was repealed. Had the policies been updated and current this fiasco would have been avoided.