Women’s basketball welcomes back 1990-91 team


By Courtesy NIU Media Services

DeKALB — Players gained more than a 67-62 win on Alumni Day against Western Michigan University; they took away an importance of learning from former Huskies, all while wearing throwback jerseys.

“This is the first time I have ever met alumnae,” senior guard Ally Lehman said. “My freshman year, I came in and barely met the ones that graduated. I think I met them once. It took four years to get the big time alumnae back and the ones who actually had a mark on history here.”

Some alumnae said the current Huskie team reminded them a lot of themselves when they played here.

Around 40 alumni attended the Feb. 4 game and celebrated in the stands among fans, but it was obvious to the players who the alumni were in the stands.

Their pictures are in the locker room, their records hang on banners, and their names are remembered in the Huskie community.

“It was pretty cool,” said senior forward Cassidy Glenn. “Looking out and seeing some familiar faces that I’ve heard but don’t really know much about.”

Thanks to Head Coach Lisa Carlsen, the team has been able to get more involved with the community. She stressed the importance of having support from as many contacts as possible when trying to re-establish and rebuild a program.

“We made it a point to try and re-engage our alumni as much as we could this year,” Carlsen said. “The 60th celebration made it a good reason to do that and try to get back in touch with a lot of those [alumni] we had contact information with.”

The alumnae were also able to interact and connect with players after the game. Before this game, the seniors on the team had met an alumnae only once.

Some alumnae said the current Huskie team reminded them a lot of themselves when they played here.

This team is tied for first in the Mid-American Conference West divison, a success not seen from the Huskies since the early ‘90s. It shows how successful women’s basketball has been this year and that they are on a path to greater things.

Both teams have a very similar style of play. Carlsen said many of those alumnae brought up the similarities in their style of play as far as scoring the ball.

Lehman said both teams had a player named Courtney, the alumnae’s coach, Jane Albright, was similar to Carlsen because they were both like mother figures, they had great chemistry with teammates around and away from a basketball setting, and they both carried positive vibes.

Carlsen’s turnaround of this team has the current Huskies thinking about what could be in store if the team’s trajectory keeps increasing.