Supportive spaces available to teach students to manage “difficult situations”

Center for Black Studies, 621 W. Lincoln Highway, functions to advocate for Black students at NIU and the DeKalb community and serves as a supportive space to students, according to its website. The center can be reached at [email protected] or at 815-753-1709.

By Northern Star staff

DeKALB | NIU has supportive spaces on campus through its resource centers such as the Center for Black Studies, among others, where students can learn to manage “difficult situations.”

Some supportive spaces on campus include the Asian American Center, Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, Counseling and Consultation Services and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, according to Spokesperson Joe King.

“A supportive environment where students can be affirmed,” King wrote in an email. “[A supportive environment is] a place where the exchange of ideas is honored and civil discourse is expected; a location where individuals are able to learn how to successfully manage difficult situations and empowered to [engage or reengage] in challenging conversations.”

Counseling and Consultation Services, located in the Campus Life Building, Room 200, can be contacted at 815-753-1206.