Pass/Fail: Gender neutral bathrooms; first female speaker in SA

By Kaylyn Zielinski


There is a draft in place for NIU to include gender-inclusive bathrooms on campus.

These bathrooms will allow anyone to use the bathroom regardless of what gender they identify as. It is important for students to feel fully comfortable on their campuses and the increase in the number of gender-inclusive bathrooms is a step closer to that goal.

Currently, there are gender-inclusive restrooms on the first floor of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

It would be more beneficial to the whole university to increase the number of gender-inclusive bathrooms on campus to allow all students, regardless of their gender identity, to feel comfortable on campus.


While a congratulations is in order to Christine Wang for becoming the first female speaker of Student Association Senate, it is disappointing that this is the first female speaker to be elected into SA.

According to SA’s page on the NIU website, “SA was founded in 1968 to promote the welfare of students on NIU’s campus.” This means that for the last 48 years there has never been a female speaker in SA senate.

There should be a balanced number of all genders in SA to represent the many viewpoints that students could have.