Letter to the Editor: Star should print daily

By Sergio Gutierrez

This is Sergio Gutierrez, Director of Cultural Affairs for the Student Association. I am writing this email in regards to the changes to this year’s paper by distribution.

As a reader of the [Northern] Star every Monday & Thursday, I would like to have a paper Monday through Thursday as last year to get more updated information on a daily basis. I don’t know what lead to the change, but I do see that there are always a lot of extra papers left over at each stand.

I was wondering that in order to compensate for each day, would less printing of papers be helpful, as printing less papers on Monday and Thursday would help with distribution for Tuesday and Wednesday. I am a fan of the paper and love to see news each day, as you guys are our primary source of all NIU news, and would be awesome to see more events’ photos in the paper.

I remember seeing the paper Monday-Friday my freshmen year. I would like to at least have it back Monday-Thursday, and I think printing out less papers would help out. Keep[ing] statistics of how many papers are left [in] a certain location can contribute to eliminating that distribution point.

It is just an idea that I would like to see as an NIU student, as many aren’t aware of many academic issues besides the paper.

Let me know what you guys think as I would like to help if needed!