SA Academic Affairs director resigned due to personal, academic reasons

By Northern Star staff

Alex Martin, former Student Association director of Academic Affairs, said he resigned last week because of family and school obligations.

Martin and Director of Governmental Affairs Ben Donovan resigned from the SA shortly after the SA executive elections were decided April 1. SA President Joe Frascello said he does not plan to fill the vacant positions.

The Academic Affairs director is “a very important position on campus to serve the students to the best of your ability and sometimes that requires a lot of time,” Martin said. “I just felt like all the obligations I have currently towards the end of the semester, I felt like that would possibly take away from all the time that I would be able to devote to the SA for the students.”

Martin said he may not join the SA again, but would consider joining other student organizations in the future.

“I hope to come back next semester with a variety of options to join whichever student organization I’d like to,” Martin said. “At the end of the day, I joined the SA because I love involvement, I love interacting with students.”