Students: Involve yourself in future

By Alexander Martin

Student representation is an integral piece of the NIU shared governance system. Our system allows for a great amount of student participation in all decision making bodies; unfortunately, students are not taking full advantage of these opportunities.

Major seats for student representation such as on the Undergraduate Coordinating Council and the General Education Committee remain unfilled as few students are seeking such responsibilities. Student input is vital to the successful operation of these committees and is necessary to ensure the student voice is always present.

As the director of Academic Affairs for the Student Association, I strongly encourage all students to reach out and seek opportunities to participate in these academic committees. NIU is unique in its focus on student representation and the power vested in the students to choose and influence the direction of the university. It is up to all of us to represent and voice our opinions so the administration can better understand and hear from the students.

These committees allow students to govern their own education and have a major say in the future of NIU. I cannot stress enough how important this participation is in the wellbeing of this university.

Students who would like to learn more about getting involved in these important committees, please reach out to me at or in person at the SA Office in the Campus Life Building, Suite 180. Help move this university forward with strong involvement.